The 10 Smallest Dogs In The World

Are you wondering what the 10 smallest dogs in the world are? If you are, then below are the 10 breeds of dogs that are considered to be the smallest in the world. Continue reading The 10 Smallest Dogs In The World

The most popular dog names

Tired of hearing someone calling his or her dog and a string of seven names coming out of their mouths? Or maybe, you want to be someone who finds a name for their pet that stands out from the crowd. Either way this list is for you! Check out the most popular dog names of 2013 and see if you’d like your next four-footed friend to match up with the masses or have something more personal! Continue reading The most popular dog names

10 smartest dog breeds

We always lift dogs to the most coveted position as “Man’s best friend.” We trust them with just about everything in our lives; from our safety, the stuff in our homes, and even our children, so it makes sense that we would want our best friend to be as super-smart as possible. These are ten of the smartest dog breeds in the world. No, their political banter isn’t the best, but isn’t that a good thing? Continue reading 10 smartest dog breeds