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How to prevent dog barking

How to prevent dog barking?

Each pet owner realizes that a defiant dog can drive both them and their neighbor’s crazy, especially on the off chance that they are over amazingly barkers. In the event that you are having issues with your pet, then it is proposed that you first attempt the numerous accessible trainings to get them to listen and take after your charges. On the off chance that this go pear-formed then you may need to think about spread bark neckline to keep them in line; sheltered, compelling and altruistic. Continue reading

Dogs eating grass

Dogs eating grass

Is there really dogs eating grass? Perhaps goats or cows in the fields or forest but not a household canine pet like your precious dogs? This is often the question I hear from some dog owners but the fact is, you are not the only one. Many of us are thinking why our beloved pets eat those when they do not have the capacity to digest it, let alone break it to fibers so the chance of getting nutritional value from it is very minimal so why then do they eat it? Continue reading

american bulldog

American Bulldog – One of the most attractive dogs

American Bulldog and Pit bull looks almost the same on first glance because of the many physical similarities they both possess. This is mainly because the two dogs evolved from the same bulldog breeds of England. Although they are both very aggressive they were raised and taught to be people-friendly. These dogs are very patient and earnest especially during their trainings. They are very smart and can learn almost everything. Continue reading